Mp3Doctor PRO

Mp3Doctor PRO 5.11

Accesses and modifies music tracks in MP3
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Modify audio files in the MP3 format by opening them with the dedicated utility for normalizing, optimizing and editing of music tracks. The program improves the volume within the set limits, provides equalizers for adjusting the sound for mobile devices, etc.

MP3 Doctor Pro is an tool designed for music editing.
-Normalize (Improve the volume level of any mp3 file at its best)
-Equalize (Let you equalize any mp3 file so when reproduced in a mobile device, CD, etc. it sound as best as possible)
-Tempo (Let you change the tempo - BPM Beats per minute of any mp3 file without changing the pitch)
-Pitch (Let you modify the pitch of any mp3 file without changing the tempo)

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